Tree sampling of tomorrow

A groundbreaking method to perform vegetation sampling

DeLeaves' mission is to provide a new way to collect plant samples using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Using the latest UAV technologies, DeLeaves is working with top forestry companies and leading research groups to enable the sampling of previously unreachable plants and trees. The DeLeaves sampling tool is compatible with a great variety of drones, allowing customers to easily integrate this tool into their current operations. Join our growing list of partners.

Use Cases

Assess climate




Use Cases

what we do


Our solution works for any tree height or vegetation density. Collect  previously unreachable samples.

Time saving

By flying over the trees, we can collect branches far away from access roads in only a few minutes.


No more risk of injuries associated with tree sampling. Avoid neck pains and hazardous situations.

cost saving

The use of a drone saves significant costs compared to the use of climbers, helicopters or cranes.  

Technical Specifications

Operating range
Max. cutting diameter
Max. sample weight
Battery capacity
Battery voltage
Tool weight
Tool length

up to 300 m
25 mm
500 g
1000 mAh
11.1 V
1.0 kg
2.6 m

Fully automated cutting sequence
Full HD video transmission
Safety release system
Compatible with many commercial drone

Vertical configuration

Horizontal configuration


let us do the work

This sampling tool is the product of years of research and experience in the field. We have become experts in operating the DeLeaves sampler. Let our expertise help you sample trees and remove all your concerns about the sampling process.

Buy a Deleaves Sampler

Do you already own a drone? Do you have drone pilots in your organization? All you need is a DeLeaves sampling kit and a few days of training to carry out your own sampling operations and collect all the samples you need.

Still not convinced, we also offer demonstrations

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