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We offer simplicity


Our solution works for any tree height or vegetation density. Collect samples previously unreachable.

Time saving

By flying over the trees, we can access branches far away from access roads in only a few minutes.


No more risk of injuries associated with tree sampling. Stay away from neck pains and hazardous situations.

cost saving

The use of a drone saves significant costs compared to the use of climbers, helicopters or cranes.  


We offer two options

let us do the work

This drone is the product of years of research and experience on the field. We have become experts in flying the DeLeaves drone. Let our expertise help you sample trees and remove all your concerns about the sampling process.

Buy a Deleaves drone

Do you already have drone pilots in your organization? All you need is a DeLeaves drone and a few days of training to carry out your own sampling operations and collect all the samples you need.

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April 2018

Many species of plants and trees disappear each year for multiple reasons. In Vietnam, arable land is scarce and people are desperate to find a place to farm. This phenomenon has had a significant impact on the forest area, which is in constant decline. Faced with these changes, researchers at the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden are looking to collect samples from the rugged terrain of Vietnam. Obviously, these samples were once completely inaccessible due to the height of the trees, the presence of cliffs and the dense mountainous jungle.

The DeLeaves drone offers a multitude of new possibilities for the conservation of endangered species. Following a first visit to Asia in 2016, the 2018 expedition allowed our partners to collect several valuable samples. Our trip took us to remote areas of Vietnam where we sampled several tree species including azadiracta indica and aesculus wangii. This trip has only confirmed our partner’s interest for our unique tool.

For more information, here is a link to the UBC Botanical Garden blog.

August 2018

The profitability of forest companies depends on the productivity of their land. Multiple research projects focus on accelerating tree growth using techniques such as fertilization and genetic selection. In both cases, treetop samples are essential. When trees reach 5 years of age, sampling becomes more complex because of tree height.

The DeLeaves drone allows its users to collect samples among the treetops quickly while limiting costs. In the summer of 2018, a large Canadian forestry company and a national research group used the DeLeaves drone to collect more than 40 treetop samples from five mature maple plantations. Those samples would have been inaccessible without our tool. With an average sampling time of less than 5 minutes, our drone has demonstrated its effectiveness!

July 2019

The DeLeaves technology has recently been used to enable research projects in North America and Southeast Asia, collecting sun-lit branches from more than 20 different species of deciduous andconiferous trees.

Our latest collaboration with the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) allowed for collection of samples up to 50 m high from Douglas Fir, Silver Fir and Hemlock trees at the Wind River Experimental Forest. These NEON samples were analyzed for foliar chemical and structural properties, yielding insights into tree health and nutrient status across the site. As well, this data helps in the development and validation of foliar trait models leveraging airborne hyperspectral remote sensing data .

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